Sunday, June 01, 2014

That was the week, that was ;-)

I don't usually do this ... but it's been quite a week, so here's a quick pictorial record ;-)


I blogged about this on the evening of 25th - you can see the post here ...

... I'm still somewhat over-the-moon at having completed 26.2miles, in 4hrs.49mins., in my 50th-year!

Life in the old-dog yet :-)


Again, I couldn't resist blogging this picture on Monday night ...

... the pint-and-a-fiver that I'd waited 30-years for - and had to run a Marathon to receive!

Best pint ever :-))



Full Council week, this week - as mentioned in an earlier post - and that always means a Group Meeting on the Tuesday evening.

Just couldn't stop myself from taking my Marathon medal, and Garmin watch, into work so that I could show a few colleagues!


What can I say - glad this didn't happen last Wednesday before I had to run that Edinburgh Marathon ...

... but cycling home this evening - in the pouring rain - had a bit of a nasty tumble, with the road-surface coming off better than my nose :-(

Here's the gory-outcome, prior to the application of copious make-up :-((


Full Council today - not a day I can relax; with lots of interest in the Leader's Report as usual ... with plenty of questions from all sides of the Chamber.

Face still pretty sore from yesterday :-(


Even with the sore face, it's Friday now and I just had to smile ;-)

Significant day for Edinburgh - after years of disruption, and acknowledged hardship for many - the Edinburgh Tram was given a soft Press-launch ...

... this is my first ever selfie (honest!) on my inaugural tram trip - just passing St. John's Church at the West End of Princes Street.


First fare-paying passengers on the tram - from 5am this morning ...

... I didn't attempt that, but here I am at the Saughton Halt, on my way home from a friend's 50th Birthday celebration ;-)

Platinum ticket in-hand!


It's Sunday - so it must be the annual "Kirking of the City of Edinburgh Council" ...

... as friends and colleagues know, I'm not that religious - but do try and attend this Service, and the Remembrance Sunday Service, each year!

What a week.


Unknown said...

I read your leader's report about the trams. Although I don't have cause to travel on the trams normally, I really enjoyed the ride on the second tram from York Place, and I'd like to see the line extended down to Leith.

However, I've noticed that the tram signals don't seem to be running optimally yet. For example, the tram signals are not set for the tram even though the way ahead appears clear. At the junction from Princes St to St Andrew Sq last week I saw an entire tram phase wasted: the tram signal set to "go", but no tram there, and traffic waiting to turn into Waverley Bridge. Once the traffic moved, the tram which had been waiting at St David St moved along, but was blocked by traffic still waiting to turn into Waverley Bridge.

I was wondering what's being done about this. From Edinburgh Trams on Twitter I understand that they and the council are working on it.

Andrew said...


Thanks fo rthe comment.

Please don't hesitate t e-mail me directly if you want a more detailed update ( ... but, my understanding is that the signalling arrangements are being very carefully monitored over initial weeks; and adjustments will be made as required.