Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pedal on Parliament

I posted up details of the South West Nieghbourhood Partnership  'New Local Community Plan' meeting yesterday ...

... I hope lots of folk can make it along on the morning of 26th April.

Sadly, I probably won't be one of them, as I've committed to attending this year's Pedal on Parliament event - with the Harrison Park feeder-ride leaving around 11am.

It's actually the first year (this being the third such event) when I've been able to get along - so very much looking forward to it ;-)

All the details - for those interested - on the poster.

P.S. Some more detail on that Harrison Park Feeder Ride:

The third Pedal on Parliament ( takes place on 26 April, meeting at the Meadows for a 12:00 start.

The feeder ride is a pre-meeting so we can cycle down as a group, taking our time and letting the children enjoy the ride rather than rushing.

Aim to leave at 11:00.

Meet on the south side of Harrison Park on the path that runs between Harrison Road and Ogilvie Terrace.


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