Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Local Budget Day approaching!

Local Budget Day approaching ... not the Council Meeting this coming Thursday ... but at a Special Council Meeting on Thursday 13th February.

And as regular readers will know, we've been consulting on our Draft proposals for some time ... a feedback-report on that process can be found here.

And - as per last year --- and in line with our general commitment to try and make the whole budget- process much more open, transparent and meaningful ...

... it is also our intention (as the Capital Coalition) to publish a full and final draft of our revised budget proposals (including our final draft motion) on Friday (7th), a full week prior to the actual Budget Day.

I'll thus put up links to the relevant files, in a subsequent blog post, at 10am this Friday morning. And, as ever - would welcome any further feedback, once I've published the files.

And - of course! - you can watch the actual meeting live and/or via the archive (in due course).


Unknown said...

I had a look at the budget consultation report and it really does look like a very transparent process has taken place. Just need to work on getting a larger number of responses next year - I'm sure responses will increase when people see that they are being listened to.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment ... I completely agree that numbers of submissions could be better; and we're already working on new methods of helping achieve that for the 2015/16 Budget.

And ... we are listening, but --- and please don't read anything specific into this --- it'll be increasingly difficult to respond positively to every single aspiration across the City.

Anyhow; Coalition Motion will be up here on Friday morning!


Unknown said...

I agree that it will become difficult to please everyone. Seeing the general trends of thought will be useful though. It was heartening to see just how caring the people of Edinburgh are :-)

Andrew said...

Thanks for further comment.