Thursday, October 03, 2013

National Poetry Day

Its National Poetry Day today --- and this year's theme is: water. 

As per the last few years, I'll reproduce my favourite poem that deals (broadly!) with this year's topic ... and I've opted below for "The Whale-watcher" by Kathleen Jamie.

Over on my blipfoto account, I've re-produced the 'poem-card' of the verse below; and I've also posted a copy of an earlier poem I wrote in April 2012, with water as part of its content ;-)

The Whale-watcher

And when at last the road
gives out, I’ll walk – 
harsh grass, sea-maws,
lichen-crusted bedrock – 

and hole up the cold
summer in some battered
caravan, quartering
the brittle waves

till my eyes evaporate
and I’m willing again
to deal myself in:
having watched them

breach, breathe, and dive
far out in the glare,
like stitches sewn in a rent
almost beyond repair.
Kathleen Jamie
from The Tree House (Picador, 2004)
Reproduced by permission of the publisher.

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