Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2014/15 Draft Budget - further information now available

I mentioned the initial publication of our 2014/15 DRAFT BUDGET the week before last - see post here ... and touched on it again, in my September Leader's Report.

Pleased to confirm that much more background information, and detail, is now available via the Council's main website:

  • see this link for the start of several pages of background information/detail
  • and see this link for the various feedback options that are available

Please do provide feedback via these mechanisms and/or do keep an eye on those web-pages for further details of the upcoming Neighbourhood - and other - meeting dates.

Of course, you can also speak directly to one of your local Councillors - all their details can be found via here - and if you're in Ward 9 Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart, then my own contact/surgery details are here.

And, just a final reminder, that you can feedback your thoughts right up to Friday 20th December 2013; and the Council will thereafter set its actual budget for 2014/15, at a Special Council Meeting on Thursday 13th February 2014.

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