Sunday, May 12, 2013

#ROBSON1 & May Allotment Update #2 :-))

Bit of canvassing, up in Gilmerton Dykes Drive, this afternoon with our local by-election candidate: Keith Robson (and others).

Apparently it was a deeply disturbing experience for Keith because of some football game that was ongoing at the time??

Anyhow, I really enjoyed speaking to folk on the doors ;-)

And, to make things even better, after leaving team #ROBSON1, we managed to get a bit of family-time down at the Allotment ...

... which amazingly means I've managed two allotment visits in one month :-)

And almost the whole site is now planted-up: got the brussel sprouts in today, and probably only about one-third of a bed left to fill with a final crop!

Here's a shot of the pond area, now starting to really come to life - not just around the edges, but the water itself is alive with tadpoles.

Ah well - onwards into another busy week at work: Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee on Tuesday - main agenda here, and all the individual reports can be accessed here ...

... never a dull moment.


Age_of_Reason said...

Trams for Leith,Andrew!

Andrew said...

Errr ... somewhat off-topic: but you'll know (I'm sure) there are no current plans to extend the tram, but Parliamentary powers do remain in force that mean there is the potential for trams to be extended at some date in the future.

A future Council (post 2017 local elections) could therefore press ahead with extensions.

Just to confirm, the Tram (Line One) powers remain in force until 26th April 2021 – this covering the potential routes through not just Leith, but Granton and the Roseburn Corridor as well.

However, our primary focus at the moment is to ensure the tram is delivered, as per the revised programme and budget, from the Airport to York Place. And all our efforts on the project, since May 2012, have been with that single objective in mind. That will remain our focus until completion and the commencement of service-operations.

But we simply can’t foretell what’s going to happen beyond this Council-term, which ends in May 2017. Thus whilst there are indeed no current plans for tram-extensions, there are clearly existing powers which mean that prospect is still a future possibility.

Now ... back to those brussel sprouts ;-)