Friday, May 03, 2013

Astounding comments - no basis in fact, and totally irrelevant ...

I didn't know Audrey Fyfe, but my heart goes out to her family and friends ... it really does. I'm frankly incensed by what happened in the Court Judgement, relating to her death, earlier today - and can only begin to imagine how they must feel.

Please read the BBC report of the case, which concluded today - here ... the Sheriff's closing comments are astounding:

The sheriff said Mrs Fyffe "wasn't to blame in any way for the accident", but added: "She was not wearing a safety helmet and that in my view contributed to her death."

And he gave the driver (who was jailed for 2-years in the 1980's after previously killing a cyclist) 300-hours of Community Service.

The sentence is a complete disgrace, and I'm pleased to hear that the Crown Office is giving careful consideration as to whether it was unduly lenient.

But - equally as appalling, to me, are the Sheriff's comments ... please, please also read the evidence on helmet usage  - here.

Then have a glance at this same Sheriff's words/actions in 2010 - here.

All appalling. Truly, truly appalling.


Dave McCraw said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting this. My thoughts are here:

Andrew said...


Thanks for the further link.

The more I think about it, the more the whole case just seems completely appalling.