Friday, February 01, 2013

Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Edinburgh

Lots of attention yesterday around the decision on Leith Waterworld - you can read some details on that here.

But, alongside that agreement to support the feasibility phase, the final draft budget (also
published yesterday) included several others measures to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Edinburgh - I'll simply list some of the key ones here:

  • allocation of an additional £2 million in Capital-funding for pitches, pavilions, parks and new sports infrastructure.

  • a commitment of up to £60,000 to begin an options assessment and stakeholder analysis on the future of Meadowbank Sports Centre.
  • .
  • a commitment of £20,000 to pilot alternative opening hours for city centre museums and galleries during peak periods.
  • continuing investment in festivals and events to maintain Edinburgh’s leading position.

You can see more detail in the actual motion -
here - but these commitments are in response to much of the feedback from the earlier consultation on the early draft of our budget and aim to better meet local (and visitor) demand.

The final 2013/14 Council Budget will now be decided at the special Council Meeting at 10am next Thursday, 7th February. You can watch it here.

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