Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Hillside" by Lara Greene

13-years a Councillor and today was my first-ever, sculpture-unveiling experience :-)

Was very pleased to be asked, as Council Leader, to unveil Lara Greene's new sculpture at the 'Happy Valley' shopping parade on behalf of Craiglockhart Community Council.

Here are Lara and I, next to the sculpture: "Hillside".

I'd highly recommend a visit to see the sculpture close-up ... its galvanised steel with brass plates, which contain background information --- and a Wilfred Owen poem, "Spring Offensive", on the plates you can see in the picture here.

And that's Owen on top of the Hillside, above my head!

Information on Wilfred Own - and his connection with Craiglockhart, here - and the text of "Spring Offensive", here.

I really like this piece of public art - it'll get loads of local folk talking about it, and hopefully its meaning: great :-)

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