Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in Edinburgh

Back in Edinburgh this afternoon, after a very restful week in rural Teeside ...

... stayed in a cottage right on the River Tees and can't speak highly enough of the general location: the Teesdale Way ran very nearby and the section of the walk from the cottage up to Barnard Castle was truly wonderful.

This picture (you can click on it for a better view) is at the 'meeting of the waters' where the River Greta joins the Tees; made famous by Turner's 1818 painting ... and, as you can see, we also enjoyed wonderful weather ;-)

On top of all that, there was little or no mobile reception in the surrounding area: devastating.

Paying for it now though, with a significant volume of (all media!) messages to catch up on --- the joys of the modern age :-(

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