Saturday, June 30, 2012

Edinburgh Canal Festival and Raft Race

Managed to get along to the Edinburgh Canal Festival and Raft Race this lunchtime ...

... my colleague, Gordon Munro, officated at the opening and it was very good to see a healthy crowd enjoying the festivities - and the sunshine!

Although - not long after this picture was taken, the ineviatable summer-showers commenced :-(

Was also good to see one of the many murals - painted by local Primary Schools - being from St. Cuthbert's in Hutchison Crossway.

Here I am beside it: I liked he fact it had both a 'canal' and 'olympic' theme ...

... of particular interest, given the upcoming destination for my main summer-holiday ;-)

Overall, there seemed be a really good turnout for the day's activities - walking home along the canal, an awful lot of people were making their way to the basin :-)

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