Friday, April 27, 2012

Hustings over (for me!)

Hustings now over, for me, for this election campaign ...

... last two have been enjoyable events, especially tonight's earlier EUSA-organised one which was lively, with lots of good-natured political banter, without any descent into pointless personal or political acrimony. Just the sort of debate I like ;-)

Given that was the last one in my diary, I can now report that sight of both Administration Party Leaders (local SNP and Lib-Dem) has been pretty rare :-(

To their credit, the Tories have ensured their Group Leader has attended almost every city-wide event; and the Greens have had either their Group Leader or a Senior Councillor at every one ...

... but I've only shared a platform with the Council Leader a handful of times, and with the Deputy Leader just once!

Maybe I should be grateful for small mercies ;-)

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