Monday, February 06, 2012

Full Council (secret budget) this Thursday

As alluded to last week, it is the 'local budget-setting' Full Council Meeting this coming Thursday (9th February).

The main agenda for the day can now be found here; with all the individual reports available from here.

Our proposals were published a full week before Budget Day, giving plenty of time for constructive scrutiny and criticism ...

... and at last week's Council Meeting I did ask the Council Leader when the SNP/Lib-Dem Administration (you know; those folk who have run the City for nearly 5-years now) proposals would be published - she couldn't give me a date?

I am entirely (and sadly) confident that I won't see the detail of their proposals until 10am on Thursday 9th February.

Its just no way to construct a properly scrutinised budget for the Capital City of Scotland :-(

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