Wednesday, February 29, 2012

9-weeks tomorrow

9-weeks tomorrow, or 63-days to be precise, until Local Government Polling Day on Thursday 3rd May 2012.

I posted about the main Parties' preparedness a few weeks ago now - see here ...

... but still not that much progress (if any?) I'm afraid, on the various Parties announcing their candidates and/or manifestos:

  • Lib-Dems; website seems to be updated now, but still no list of candidates or a manifesto
  • Labour; as before, everything has been in the public domain since 3rd November 2011
  • SNP; their local website now actually seems blocked, and still no list of candidates or a manifesto
  • Tories; don't see any change, no 'candidate-list' or a 'manifesto-process'
  • Greens; full list of 17 candidates now announced (hooray!) but no manifesto-process that I can see?

I can, sort of, understand the lack of manifestos at this stage - but no one seems to have even begun a public 'manifesto-process' ... maybe they're just won't be any outside of our own?

And as for candidate lists - we all know that several Parties have actually selected numerous candidates ... surely its not beyond their skills to get a full/current list into the public domain?

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