Thursday, December 01, 2011

Special Council Meeting on 19th January

Discovered this afternoon that there is to be a Special Council Meeting at 10am on Thursday 19th January 2012 ...

... solely to deal with the next two tranches of the ABM/privatisation-programme; those being:

  • IFM (Integrated Facilities Management)
  • CATS (Corporate and Transactional Services)

As regular readers will know, both Labour and Green Groups on the Council have opposed this process from the start (it all originated in the February 2009 Lib-Dem/SNP Council budget), and last month - to their credit - the local SNP joined with our 2-Groups to create a Council-majority which led to the decision to keep the first tranche (Environmental Services) of the ABM-programme in-house ...

... I've seen nothing to date that leads me to believe that either the Labour or Green Groups will alter their stance on this specific topic, and if the local SNP remain steadfast then the delay until the 19th January should be merely a delay for the inevitable retention of these services in-house?

A public commitment to that effect would certainly help ease the uncertainty that currently affects, literally thousands of Council workers.

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