Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Inverleith Park and Welfare Reform

Policy and Strategy Committee was reasonably straightforward earlier today ...

... there was quite a debate around the Inverleith Park report though --- with all Parties agreeing with each other (eventually) but everyone seeking to take the credit for 'saving the park'!

Truth is, a very effective local campaign has changed political minds (well done to them). Anyone would think there's an election about 30-weeks away ;-)

There was also a division on my colleague Ewan Aitken's motion - see item 5.1 on the agenda - with the SNP/Lib-Dem local coalition refusing to accept paragraph 2 endorsing the event on 22nd October ...

... can't say I followed their logic, wherein they argued that they were doing all they could to raise concerns about aspects of UK Welfare Reform, but weren't willing to simply endorse an event which would have been part of doing just that :-(

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