Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Transport Committee today

As if to underline that 'back to normality' point, the Council's main Committees started meeting again today.

First up was the Transport Committee, with a whole swathe of detailed reports - main agenda can be found here, and individual reports here.

By far the most hotly-debated, at least in the days leading up to the Committee, has been the report at item 23 on the agenda ... South Edinburgh 20mph Speed Limit Pilot (report here - its a big file!) ...

... submissions from Lothian and Borders Police and Lothian Buses have certainly caused some consternation.


Chdot said...

As you know, the Councillors caved in to, relatively mild comments (not reallly objections) from LB + L&B.

This is not leadership.

Then they went on to call for another report on the perfectly sensible proposal to widen selected pavements for shared (pedestrian + cycle).

This is not the way to get the 'world class cycling' promised in the LibDem manifesto and - I thought - backed by other parties.


Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

I obviously can't speak for the Lib-Dems ...

... but I can only assure you there was a pretty robust debate about these issues amongst Labour Group Members.