Friday, August 26, 2011

Those Amendments (and full report) in detail ...

Obviously, ongoing and significant interest in yesterday's tram decision!

I've had several people ask for sight of the actual Council report (from yesterday) and all of the Amendments (which I referred to earlier here) to be put on the blog ...

... so, in an attempt to be helpful, here are the appropriate links:
  • the main Tram Report from yesterday can be found here 
  • and all of the tram amendments can be found here (I've scanned them all into one PDF)
Please do read through these links/attachments, if you want to go over all of the detail behind the decision. 

I can only repeat that , for us, the risks associated with pressing on to St. Andrew Square (just now) were monumental and would have seen the Council's debt levels rise to over £1.5billion, requiring over 11% of our annual revenue budget to service that in interest payments alone every year.

Frankly, i
n the current economic climate, we simply could not support the St. Andrew Square option. It would have meant £15.3million of Council-Tax Payers money being spent on tram interest payments every year, for 30-years.

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