Friday, May 27, 2011

Full Council papers now available

Well, the Full Council Papers (for the meeting on the 2nd June) are now all available via CPOL (committee papers on line) here ...

... the specific agenda for the day is here.

And you'll see that there is indeed an update on the Alternative Business Model (ABM) programme at item 8.1 --- the full report can be found here.

The report is, in essence, indicating the next steps for Corporate and Transactional Services (CATS) which was the area identified as having the most significant risks back in the December 2010 report. And, sadly predictably, it recommends ploughing ahead with the external provider (privatisation!) process :-(

Nearly £2million has been spent on all of this now and I can see no sense in progressing the CATS element any further - other than via the internal improvement programme - given the significant risks that still appear to be present?

Why the local SNP (who help run the Council) don't just put a stop to this is beyond me :-(

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