Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lamp-post mania ;-)

Every activists favourite job today - those lamp-post posters :-(

At least the sun was shining ...

... and I'm extremely grateful to the valiant teams who have worked all day to ensure a good presence across the city :-))


A Brown said...

Good luck but I'm concerned that Labour has made some serious errors in this campaign (e.g. lack of apledge to reform council tax and outlining the future of devolution).

I'm also concerned that the knife crime policy doesn't come across well.

Andrew said...

A Brown

Thanks for the best wishes - we will be putting in a huge GOTV effort in Edinburgh Central today!


Polo said...

I don't think the voters would really miss the posters, if the Council can just agree that nobody should put them up. Then the activists and councillors like yourself would have more time for conversations with people, which I think most people do appreciate - everybody wants to be listened to. Posters don't listen. Hope Thursday's vote in the Council brings in a ban on the dreaded lamp-post posters!

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

Very divided opinions on this issue - across all the Parties - so not sure what will happen on Thursday!

Personally, whilst I think you make valid points, I'm in favour of keeping them.