Sunday, April 17, 2011

5-Generations on a bench!

I hope Sarah doesn't take this the wrong way - but the highlight of my day today, wasn't anything to do with the truly endless campaigning: enjoyable as that was ;-)

... but, it was the brief break I took from the campaign-trail to go to a local photo-shoot where 5-generations of one family were gathered on a recently renewed Fountainbridge bench which the Great, Great Grandmother had originally campaigned for back in the early 1980's!

So - on the bench, from left-to-right: Great Grandmother; Great, Great Grandmother; Great, Great Grandchild on her knee!; Grandfather; Dad!

Lucky, lucky family :-))


Frank Russell said...

I know the great, great grandmother. Betty McAnna is a Labour Party member and lives in Broomhouse. wonderful woman!

Andrew said...


Correct! I've known her for a few years myself and she is indeed a very nice lady.