Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ed Miliband and the Burns Supper

Well, yesterday was completely frantic - in a perfectly good way ;-)

Ed Miliband was up in Scotland - mostly Edinburgh - for a series of events, and fronted (along with Iain Gray) a whole series of meetings and visits throughout the day ...

... all culminating in the famous (annual) Edinburgh South West Burns Supper :-)

Ed Miliband, Anas Sarwar and Pauline McNeill, all spoke really well and kept the gathered crowd very well entertained.

But the highlight of the night had to be (unfortunately for me as chief-organiser - supposedly??) when Alistair Darling ended his brief introductory talk and invited the haggis to be piped in ...

... unfortunately, the haggis was nowhere to be found and several minutes of Alistair attempting to ad-lib followed (yes, you can just imagine it!) before the haggis (and piper) eventually sprung into tune and were paraded into the hall :-(

Very, very funny - well, everyone except Alistair thought it was very, very funny :-))

Needless to say, I expect never to hear the end of it.

More seriously - an extremely successful night, thoroughly enjoyed by all present.


Elaine said...

It was indeed very very funny. Great night Andrew.

Andrew said...


Thanks - and glad you enjoyed the evening!