Monday, December 06, 2010

Winter-weather conditions ... urgent action required

I've tried hard not to be unjustly critical of the Council in their efforts to keep Edinburgh moving over the last week, and I have nothing but praise for the hundreds of Council workers - and contractors - who have put in endless hours, in atrocious conditions, to try and assist as many residents as possible. And all the feedback I've had from residents is supportive of the individual efforts of Council staff.

But, their admirable efforts are clearly not coping with what is fast becoming a real emergency situation.

Some areas of Edinburgh - which is the Capital City of Scotland - have now had no bus services for over a week; likewise some Primary Schools have been completely closed for over a week; and the ongoing condition of many residential pavements and roads across the city is truly appalling. (see some examples - of many - below)

The Council are just not grasping the gravity of this situation for many thousands of Edinburgh residents, and they are letting those residents down very badly by not directing significant additional resources to the areas most in need.

The Council Administration needs to show real leadership in pro-actively solving these problems for the Capital and ensuring that every available resource is applied to alleviating the real hardship that residents are suffering.

Frankly, urgent action - a lot more urgent action - is required.


Some Examples

  • Bus service 48 to Ratho has not been reaching the village of Ratho for 8 days now, due to snow and parked cars.
  • Bus service 33 is not completing its route into Baberton Mains Drive due to snow and parked cars.
  • Bus service 44 not going beyond Balerno High School due to snow and parked cars.


  • first thing this morning (Monday 6th December) every Primary School in East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian and The Borders opened on time. In the Capital City of Scotland the following schools remained shut, having already been shut for a whole week:
    - Colinton Primary School
    - Currie Primary School
    - Dean Park Primary School
    - Gilmerton Primary School
    - Nether Currie Primary School
    - Newcraighall Primary School
    - Ratho Primary School
    - St Cuthbert's RC Primary School
    - Clovenstone Primary School

Residential Pavements/Roads

  • the condition of residential pavements and roads across the City is truly appalling, with many busy pedestrian areas being completely untreated i.e. pavements along Colinton Road have yet to be cleared or gritted - a key main route with a Supermarket, a further set of shops at 'Happy Valley' and the Craiglockhart Sports Centre.
  • outwith the City Centre, this picture is recreated right across Edinburgh in almost every main residential pedestrian area.


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