Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Too little, too late

Just got back home after an evening meeting near the town centre ... most roads and pavements still in a shocking state and my mail-box is awash with further complaints from all across the Ward.

I'm also receiving an increasingly significant number of complaints from beyond the Ward - mainly from people in areas such as Ratho and South Queensferry who feel completely ignored by the Council.

I mentioned yesterday the problems with 'Lothian Bus 48' access to Ratho - there has been no bus access for nearly 10-days!

Well, same type of problem appears to be afflicting large areas of the 'First Service 43/X43/X4' which simply cannot access many parts of South Queensferry.

I remain completely convinced that not enough priority is being given to clearing these (and other) routes for bus access.

And we've still got some Primary Schools closed tomorrow - three, I believe: Murrayburn Primary, Prestonfield Primary & Ratho Primary.

Although, I also understand these closures are all now connected to safety issues relating to the actual school buildings and that Officers are hopeful of having them re-opened on Thursday - but please do watch the main Council web-site for any further updates during tomorrow.

And - at last - we appear to be getting a bit of lateral-thinking from those in charge:
  • with requests for all Council Staff with 4X4's to consider helping to deliver essential resources and supplies for vulnerable people around the city
  • and confirmation that the Army have been asked to potentially help out in clearing roads and pavements in the worst affected areas of the City

Whilst I very much welcome both these initiatives, frankly these are the type of requests that should have been planned for in advance and made some days ago.

I cannot help feel that asking for this type of assistance now is simply too little, too late.

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