Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Neighbourhood Partnership meeting

Main Edinburgh South West Neighbourhood Partnership meeting this evening ...

... very low turnout from members of the public, and one can't help wonder if the removal of 'Committee Services' support from the Neighbourhood Partnership is already showing a negative dividend?

I'm convinced that it was a completely false economy and won't help, only hinder, the development of neighbourhood working :-(


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I have to be honest that as one of your constituents on Grove Street, I had no idea that such a thing as Neighbourhood Partnerships existed and certainly not one for the area where I live. I am trying to be an active citizen and my wife and I feel that we are fighting a losing battle with anti-social behaviour and so on.

We're also fighting a losing battle trying to get the council to pay attention to these problems. Did you know that on the portal for planning permission, you and your fellow councillors have no contact details? At a commercial property developer is trying to convert a retail space below our flat into a hot-food takeaway and we already have worries enough about anti-social behaviour and littering in this apartment block.

I've had to copy both Alistair Darling and Sarah Boyack into emails to the council planning officer but have yet to receive a response from anyone but the politicians. When I try calling the council, I get a message that states 'all our lines are busy' but no answer-message service.

It really is disgusting that when constituents are trying to work on behalf of their neighbourhood that no-one in a position to help, will answer an email let alone come around and visit.

My wife and I were attacked at home last month as we challenged someone breaking and entering into our block. The poloice have been great but their opinion of the council's efforts at 'duty of care' and social repsonsibility simply cannot be repeated.

It will be interesting to see if my local councillor can make a difference...

Andrew said...


Very, very sorry to hear of all the problems you've been experiencing.

I know you've e-mailed me at my work address also - and I've just replied to that separately.

Please do now keep in touch.