Friday, November 19, 2010


COSLA Leaders' Meeting this morning ... sadly (no laughing at the back please!) I don't actually get to go to the Leaders' bit, but just the pre-meetings :-(

... anyhow, there was a pretty robust debate around the offer on the table from the Scottish Government, to Local Government; and I reckon the subsequent main meeting may well have been fairly lively!

I suspect there'll be more in tomorrow's press - and the Scotsman clearly had a taster of the debate-to-come in print earlier this morning ...

... the whole situation really is a grim low-point for Scottish Local Government as far as I'm concerned :-(

It's not so much the financial-side of the settlement --- but the way its been given as a complete 'take it or leave it' package with truly punitive consequences for any refusal: 'agency-model' indeed :-((

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