Friday, November 12, 2010

10million people laughing at Edinburgh :-(

8.50am Friday, and I've just listened to a 5-minute package on Radio 4 which was enough to make you weep ...

... Radio 4, at this time of the morning, has an audience-reach of some 10million people - that's right: 10million people!

And, you've guessed it - why would Radio 4 be talking about Edinburgh at this time on a Friday morning - well, it could only be the tram project!

And the presenter, James Naughtie - and who can blame him - introduced the whole sorry saga as if it was some sort of joke ... followed by the journalist - Colin Blane - actually including an excerpt from an upcoming Leith panto that is indeed making a real joke of the tram project :-(

What an advert for Edinburgh :-((


Anonymous said...

I've never been anti-tram but confess that listening to The Today programme this morning I actually felt... ashamed I think.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

Exactly my point ... I'm personally very pro-tram, but the whole issue - and the way its being handled - is now damaging Edinburgh :-(


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

My name is Ewan Laing (aka Aladdin) I am a member of the Leith Festival Panto Group. We are putting a panto on called A-Lad-In-Leith and it is this panto that was mentioned in the radio 4 broadcast. I am VERY pro-tram as are many, but there are LOTS of Leithers that are not and we try to touch on this in the panto itself, however we don't do this for any political gain or to throw a different light on the city but purely FOR A LAUGH amongst the local community. I would absolutely love you to come along and see this fantastic show for yourself and see the amazing work that volunteers in your community have done to make the locals smile, laugh and get up and dance this Christmas!

Get In Touch!

Lots of christmas cheer,


Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - I'll e-mail you in a second: I'd love to come and see the show!

Very sorry if I've caused any undue angst about the panto ... I'm all for having a laugh at politicians expense and didn't mean to imply that the tram project shouldn't be lampooned (it should!), just that the Radio 4 report portrayed Edinburgh in a pretty negative light.