Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Spending review strategy?

Dear oh dear ... hardly was the ink dry on that 'tough but fair' Child Benefit proposal and an actual Government Minister stumbled into saying it might need to be revised ...

... now, many of us may well have been there - but these are the folk now running the country :-(

And today, matters only seem to have become more complicated by the rushed announcement of a tax-break for married couples - not, in any way, as an off-set for the earlier announcement of course!

... problem is, I'm not at all clear this second announcement can even be delivered given the Coalition Agreement clause (see page 30) that categorically states:

"We will also ensure that provision is made for Liberal Democrat MPs to abstain on budget resolutions to introduce transferable tax allowances for married couples without prejudice to the coalition agreement."

For all our sakes, I really hope this isn't a foretaste of the strategic planning that's gone into the events that are about to unfold on the 20th October :-((

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