Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finance Committee; electricity and gas!

Finance and Resources Committee this morning - generally constructive debates around most of the agenda items ... with a couple of amendments from the Labour Group actually being accepted! Amazing I know ;-)

Negativity only raised its head when I queried the levels of renewable energy that were part of the Term Contracts for electricity and gas being proposed (see items 6 and 7 on the agenda)

Nobody seemed to believe me that there was any way of contributing towards a renewable gas source :-(

What can I say ... several moths ago I did post about my meagre carbon reduction actions, which do include our switching to Good Energy as an electricity supplier and latterly they also supply Good Energy Gas to the flat as well. More details can be found on this Gas information sheet ;-)

... now, I'm not saying these supplies could necessarily be used for a whole Local Authority --- but there did appear to be precious little willingness to even consider the issues amongst most of my colleagues this morning?

And no - I'm not on commission!

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