Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Audit Committee decision

As promised yesterday, here's that full wording from the Audit Committee decision:

Care and Support Services – “Lessons Learned” Review


1) To note the decisions of the Policy and Strategy Committee of 8 June and 31 August 2010 and the reports by the Chief Executive (no PS/3/10-11/CE) and the Director of Corporate Services (no PS/37/10-11/CS) on the outcome of the review of the Care and Support Services procurement process.

2) To recommend to the Policy and Strategy Committee:

(a) That the management guidance for major projects be amended to include:

• all projects which have a high impact on service users;

• a suitable method of engagement with stakeholders affected by projects, including the provision of timely constructive feedback to those consulted;

• an appropriate reporting schedule to elected members;

• the provision of summaries of progress on each project to the appropriate Committee; and

• a defined sign-off procedure for the invitation to tender (ITT) documentation, including legal advice at gateway reviews.

(b) That the Council Management Team reviews the need for a “project administration office” and the resources for major projects (to ensure time, cost and process targets were met) and that any need for additional resources be sought from the Spend to Save Fund with appropriate payback timescales and that consideration of this be reported to the Policy and Strategy Committee.

(c) That the “Cross-Party Working Group” be reconvened urgently to undertake a thorough review of the Council’s scrutiny function.

(d) That the scrutiny function review be completed and findings presented back to the Policy and Strategy Committee by its January 2011 meeting at the very latest.

(e) That the list of outstanding remits from Committees be submitted to the Policy and Strategy Committee on a yearly basis.

(f) That the Commissioning Strategy be referred to Shulah Allan, Consultant and author of the final report on consultation and engagement, for comment.

3) To request that the Commissioning Strategy be referred to the Audit Committee to ensure that the issues raised by members and the other stakeholders were covered.

4) To request that an update on the progress being made in implementing the recommendations of the “lessons learned” review be submitted to the Audit Committee.


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