Sunday, October 24, 2010

Allotment update!

Spent a bit of time at the Allotment this afternoon - catching up on a small backlog of jobs ...

... got all three potato-beds mulched with good quality leaf compost; cropped a few brussel sprouts (many more to come!); also cropped some spinach (lots more of that to come also!); and you may even be able to spot the newly sprouting garlic in the right-hand side of this bed?

Weather was really bright and clear, which made all the work a pleasure ;-)


Edward Harkins said...

This year my big gardening discovery was rocket... the wee green slighty mustardy salad leave thing.

I'm used to seeing it in top range restaurants or in pricey little mixed salads in the shops.

I assumed that it was a bit of a challenge to grow and a bit labour intensive.

In fact I found that it sprouted up, with just some regular (organic) feed now and again. Seems to be resistent to most bugs and beetles and it's still growing away until this weeks frost through in the west.

Andrew said...


Sounds good - must try some!