Sunday, October 31, 2010

6-months on Friday ...

Well, I did manage to catch both of the main speeches ... and I know I probably shouldn't say it, but Iain Gray somewhat stole-the-show from Ed Miliband.

Not that there was anything wrong with Ed Miliband's speech - but Iain's was simply the superior in terms of hard, policy content ... and I guess that simply reflects where both men are in their respective electoral cycles!

I've heard Iain give numerous set-piece speeches now; and I reckon this was by far the strongest set of policy announcements I've heard from him, and it was all delivered in a heart-felt and impassioned style - and some of the press do appear to agree this morning?

Scottish Labour, and Iain, will leave Oban in good heart I'm sure ... and yet, I was also pleased to pick up, right across the conference weekend, a steely determination not to get carried-away with any current polling position and to simply keep working flat out right up until the polls close at 10pm on Thursday 5th May 2011.

6-months on Friday and counting ;-)

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