Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Policy and Strategy committee meeting

Policy and Strategy committee meeting this morning (agenda here).

Bulk of the meeting taken up by the update report on the Refuse Dispute ... the very short-report in question can be found here. Basically, this signifies the imposition of new terms and conditions and surely marks the final failure of the Council to resolve this dispute after nearly a full year-and-a-half of industrial work-to-rule :-(

Not something to be particularly proud of - and not a good omen as the Local Authority embarks on some really difficult budget decisions in the coming few months, when the support and understanding of the workforce is going to be completely crucial.

Some debate also on the Fairer Scotland Fund update report (here) - but, thankfully, this was continued until the next Policy and Strategy committee meeting --- in very early November --- so, does buy a bit of time and we may even know quite a bit more about available monies then?

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