Thursday, September 16, 2010

Full Council meeting & the Pope!

Full Council meeting today - main agenda can be found here, with all the individual papers on CPOL as usual ...

... the meeting starts at 2pm, not the usual 10am start, due to the Pope arriving in Edinburgh this morning!

As an atheist, his visit doesn't have any personal religious significance for me, but I do believe that much larger crowds than are being expected will come to Edinburgh today to mark his presence here?

And the mere fact that the whole affair is a full 'State Visit' (unlike the last Papal visit in 1982), with the Queen welcoming the Pope at Holyrood Palace at the bottom of the Royal Mile here in Edinburgh, has huge historical significance - indeed, its the first time such a visit has been given this status.

I do think central Edinburgh will be exceptionally busy all day!

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