Friday, September 10, 2010

Congratulations to Bill Cook

My obvious congratulations go to Bill Cook this afternoon - the result of the Ward 16 by-election was declared just after 1.30pm and is a ringing endorsement of the huge effort Bill put into the campaign on behalf of Edinburgh Labour ...

... I'm really looking forward to having his energy and focus as part of our team in the City Chambers ;-)

Bill took 2,974 1st preferences (45%) with the SNP nearly 1,600 behind and the Liberals in 4th place. Overall there was an 8% swing from the SNP to Labour, with a collapse in the Liberal vote - a terrible indictment of the current Lib-Dem/SNP Council Administration.

So - congratulations to Bill and many, many thanks to all the Edinburgh Labour activists who put in a sterling effort to ensure such a stunning result.

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