Thursday, September 30, 2010

ABM Cross-Party dialogue

Back to local politics today - no family drama in the Council Chamber (that I'm aware of, anyhow!) - and the subject of the Alternative Business Models (ABM) programme ...

... regular readers will be aware that our Political Group remain deeply sceptical about the direction of the ABM programme - but, to my surprise recently, the Lib-Dem/SNP Coalition agreed to the formation of a Cross-Party grouping to input into the process ... at least up until the next ABM December 2010 report to Full Council.

Well, that Cross-Party grouping met for the first time earlier this week and there was a constructive debate about a wide variety of issues concerning the programme ... doesn't mean we're all going to ultimately agree on this (I strongly suspect that may well not happen) but at least views are being aired and documents are being scrutinised, in a fashion that has not been open to Opposition Groups up until now ...

... personally, I strongly welcome the change in approach.

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