Friday, September 24, 2010

2011/12 Budget proposals ...

I mentioned the Full Council last week, when the Budget proposals (Package 1) were approved on a division ...

... well, I've found that most of the Package 2 proposals are now up on the Council web-site: you can see the main-page here, and the details for Package 2 here (although Health and Social Care appears to be missing at the moment?).

My current understanding is that these Package 2 proposals are open for discussion/consultation until the final 2011/12 Budget is actually set in February 2011 - you can go to one of the remaining local meetings (or host your own meeting!) and/or just e-mail your feedback to:

No matter what you think of the process so far, I do believe it important that as many people as possible submit feedback into the system ... I hope 'really bad blog' readers will do so!

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