Monday, August 09, 2010

Paul Godzik for Edinburgh Southern

Another one of my local Edinburgh Labour Group colleagues (Paul Godzik) was selected to stand in the Edinburgh Southern Holyrood seat tonight ...

... he'll be an excellent candidate, and if the current Lib-Dem MSP isn't worried; he should be ;-)

Actually - with Pentlands being contested by two of my other colleagues (Ricky Henderson and Eric Milligan) and Ewan Aitken being candidate in Eastern and Lesley Hinds the candidate in Western; it makes a quarter of the Group standing for Holyrood next year!

I've taken a bit of ribbing about them all seeking to bail-out of the Edinburgh Labour Group ... actually, I see it in a rather different way: I've positively encouraged them all to stand, they're all good local politicians and would be an asset to the Holyrood Labour Group. I'm delighted that so many local Edinburgh Labour politicians are being selected to potentially represent the city in the Scottish Parliament.

And why wouldn't I want to have four city MSPs who had previously been Councillors in Edinburgh and had the best interests of our Capital City at heart?

Bit of a no-brainer really.

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