Friday, August 27, 2010

Local Transport Forum

Local South West Neighbourhood Transport Forum this afternoon - refreshingly dominated by cycling issues!

... and most of the discussion was of a constructive and positive nature: must have been the impending bank-holiday (for some!) weekend that helped set the right tone :-)


Anonymous said...

Talking about cyclists.

How about giving a clear precise answer to this !

Are adults allowed to ride bicycles on the payments in Edinburgh and surrounds areas ?

If they are not what is the penalty? Should that not be published and enforced by the police?

The number of adult cyclist who are using pavements instead of the road are increasing. It is not fun when you meet them coming at you or running up your back at 10-15miles per hour especially on a hill of which there are many in Edinburgh.

So lets see if a responsible cycle owner can come up with a clear and definitive and legal answer to this problem.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

I'm no lawyer, but my understanding is that for anyone over 12-years of age it is indeed illegal to cycle on the pavement and the Police can enforce that?