Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The rush to austerity

I know I'm biased on the politics of all this ...

... but I really fail to see how:

- can do anything but damage the lives of the most vulnerable in British society?

And, astonishingly, I've just heard a Liberal-Democrat Minister say he is "genuinely comfortable with the approach we've taken" :-(

In all due respect, over the coming months, when the reality of these decisions hits home, I am fairly certain that many, many, many people who voted Lib-Dem last month will feel far from 'genuinely comfortable'.

Not a time to be poor, old, disabled, a working parent, or in socially-rented housing ...

... no wonder Clegg and Cable looked like the proverbial 'sick parrots' as George Osborne outlined his rush to austerity :-(

They know full well that if the economy does double-dip (which looks highly likely to me), then there's no Plan B to all of this :-((


Anonymous said...

This is a small planet in a very big universe. Man has created a monster of a financial system for the world and let it go crazy so much so that the politicians have no idea what it is really all about. This is apparent when you watch the congressional hearings.

Short selling , deriviative, the reselling packages of bad debts ,the betting on these packages of bad debts to fail, the creation of perverse new markets have all contributed to the failures of the financial systems round the world. The new markets have made a great deal of money for the few and left the common man to pick up the pieces. This is a grossly obscene situation and should not be allowed to continue.

Time to utterly strip down and rethink the financial and political systems in the world.

The current system is broke.

Andrew said...

Anonymous - thanks for the comment!