Monday, June 07, 2010

Auditor General to look at tram project?

On the back of yet more negative coverage of the tram project today - see here and here ...

... various rumours are swirling around the City Chambers this evening that the Auditor General is considering a further probe into the project?

Last time he assessed the project was back in June 2007 - you can see the full report here; with his conclusions on the tram contained in paragraphs 9 through to 15, on pages 3 and 4.

Paragraph 14 sums up the position back then, whilst paragraph 15 warns of future dangers.

Personally, I'd welcome any Audit Scotland assessment of what's happened between now and then ...


James Mackenzie said...

Andrew, it's clearly been spectacularly mishandled by this administration, hardly surprising given that one half supports it and one half doesn't. I'm sure the AG would find plenty to write about, but my anxiety is it would tie up contractors and staff and get in the way of delivering it.

Andrew said...


Agree entirely - my understanding is that no investigation could happen until AFTER all the contractural wrangles are legally resolved ... which at current rate of progress, probably means no investigation for at least a couple of years :-((