Sunday, May 09, 2010

Roll on 2011

I know I need to stop obsessing about election results - the sooner I get back down to that allotment the better frankly ;-)

... but, indulge me and have a look at the local paper's prediction for Edinburgh West here, which was made last Wednesday - a perfectly rational prediction that read:

Edinburgh West
The Lib Dems have little to worry about in the seat which gave them their second biggest majority in the UK at the last general election. Ex-policeman Mike Crockart is certain to take over from retiring MP John Barrett. The only question is whether the current 13,600 majority will drop below five figures.

Then have a look at the result - here!

An 11.4% swing from the Lib-Dems TO LABOUR ... with their majority being reduced from 13,600 to a mere 3,803 (somewhat short of 5-figures!).

This was the second-safest Lib-Dem seat in the United Kingdom ... but on Friday morning it became their second-worst result of the 2010 General Election campaign.

In many ways, despite the stunning outcomes for Labour in the other Edinburgh seats, the result in Edinburgh West is possibly the most remarkable?

Roll on 2011.

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