Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Onwards to 2011

Feels like I've got a really bad hangover this morning - and alcohol didn't touch my lips at all last night ... honestly ;-)

... more seriously - just had it confirmed that the 'Join Labour' section of the Party web-site crashed around 11pm last night under the sheer strain of business - apparently, mostly from disgusted Lib-Dems.

I joined Labour in mid-1992, soon after the Neil Kinnock defeat, when there was a huge resurgence in Party activity - I do sense some aspect of that history repeating itself right before our eyes.

Onwards to the 2011 Holyrood elections ...


Anonymous said...

The CON-LIBDEM's budget is on its way !

Andrew said...


I thought you'd provided a link to some killer-statistics about the appaling nature of the upcoming emergency budget ...

... very funny ;-)

Except, I predict Osborne's 1st budget will be nothing to laugh about :-(