Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forgot to mention ...

In all the excitement this week about 'equalising pay'; the use (or not) of biomass heating; the true-depth of constitutional radicalism; and the future of Nursery Education in Edinburgh ...

... I completely forgot to mention that on Tuesday night passed, I was re-elected to continue as Labour Group Leader at Part1 of our internal AGM processes ;-)

... yes, only the Labour Party could have a 2-part AGM process!

Portfolio (Opposition Spokespersons) positions finalised next Tuesday ... some changes will have to occur, due to the very welcome problem of our current Finance Spokesperson being occupied elsewhere :-))

Oh - by the way - I should also mention that rumours abound in the City Chambers of 'near successful' challenges to senior members of the Lib-Dem Group ... can't think why??

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