Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Education Committee this afternoon

Education Committee earlier today - full agenda can be found here.

I wasn't present myself, but two fairly important reports where debated/decided upon:
  • first one on Community Learning and Development re-design (that's code for closures!) has some welcome 'about-turns' on Gorgie Memorial Hall and Colinton Mains Community Centre ... although I do still worry that the local communities involved will be left totally unsupported in their efforts to provide local services?
  • second one on Early Years and Childcare Staffing review (that's code for getting rid of Nursery Teachers!) was voted through against Labour Opposition and, I personally think, spells the beginning of the end for Teacher-led early years education in Edinburgh? The whole tone of the report is to do with saving money and has nothing to do with best-practice ... it's a sad moment when you think of the history of Nursery provision and the role that Lothian Regional Council played in pioneering it :-(

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