Thursday, February 04, 2010

Care and Support Services update ...

The Care and Support Services tender was up at Committee (again!) this afternoon ...

... I hear from colleagues that proceedings dragged on for over 4-hours, but ultimately the Lib-Dem/SNP Administration, having abandoned the whole tender programme, proceeded to simply push through their views on the 'next-steps' with no recognition whatsoever that they'd done anything wrong :-(

From all accounts they tried to shuffle-off the blame onto Officers, with one SNP Councillor (who shall remain nameless) saying "the Conveners job is to take the Officials advice" ... really??

Well, he did do that I suppose, and then he publicly announced (one day before this all went pear-shaped) ... "I have said all along that we have a good robust tendering process that has been cleared by the lawyers at every stage."

Given everything that has happened since, its clear that statement was complete and total rubbish ... how else can you phrase it?

100's and 100's of lives - lives of many of the most vulnerable people in Edinburgh - have been negatively affected by this fiasco, and yet we're seeing a classic attempt to avoid all political responsibility :-((

Well, I can categorically assure the politicians (and officers) involved in this whole sorry saga that the main Opposition Group on the Council has no intention of letting this issue drift into the bureaucratic short-grass ...

... it may take time, but we are determined to make sure that those responsible for this mess have to properly account for their actions.

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