Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A 108% increase!

Never mind all that excitement about AV/STV and electoral reform ...

... I've just discovered that our annual allotment charge, which was a mere £48 when we first got the plot in February 2008 (2nd anniversary just yesterday!), is set to rise to £100 by 2015 (look at table 6 on page 29 here)!

That's a whopping 108% increase :-(

I'd be willing to wager there will be LOTS more of this buried in the small print of the local budget when its finally set next Thursday.


Mal's Allotment said...

It's a disgrace. What are the Edinburgh Allotment Community going to do about it. What are the Labour group going to do? -and how come FEDAGA have gone over to the dark side??

Andrew said...


Belated thanks for the comment.

I do agree that it's a pretty unpalatable increase!

The Labour Group didn't have these price rises in our budget - I posted full details here:

- but sadly the current Lib-Dem/SNP Coalition budget was passed and did contain the price rises.

I'll continue to make objection to the rises, and any help in regard of feedback to the Allotment Strategy currently out for consultation would be very welcome!

As for FEDEGA - you'll need to ask them :-(

Thanks for checking out the blog ...


Mal's Allotment said...

Re feedback (and FEDEGA) I am posting updates to:

Andrew said...

Thanks - and noted!