Monday, January 04, 2010

Roads and pavements disgrace

Having mentioned the relatively benign weather of the 31st December in the last post ...

... I do also feel obliged to highlight just how generally appalling the weather has been over the holiday period - and the now totally treacherous condition that many of the Capital's roads and pavements are in.

I've been awash with complaints about the appalling condition of many local pavements and roads, and whilst I appreciate that main routes have to be cleared as a priority, the current weather conditions have now been with us for over two weeks, and very few residential pavements and roads appear to have been cleared?

Frankly, I find it simply unacceptable that so many frail and vulnerable residents have been left at the mercy of such icy streets.

And, to make matters potentially a lot worse, there are now reports that many Councils are running desperately low of gritting salt - whilst all the weather reports are indicating this cold snap will last at least another week, if not two!

Those in charge really do need to get a grip of the vital services they are responsible for and start to remedy this whole unacceptable situation immediately.


Ray Merrall said...


Just a thought, Snow = Frozen Water?

Record amount of snow downfall, and continuing for another 2 weeks. Ground frozen solid in sub zero temperatures.

Er, what's going to happen come the thaw? Rather a lot of water in all the wrong places perhaps?

Suzy said...

Hi Andrew

We had a gritter up here in Greenbank Village just prior to Christmas and another one came today.

Today was too late as by now we have had so much snow coupled with sometimes temperatures as low as minus 10 that the roads are treacherous.

Our grit bins have never been filled so the pavements are a nightmare as well.

We have a lot of eldery people living up here and myself along with other members of the Village including children usually grit the pavements etc but cannot as there is no grit to do so.

It is absolutely ridiculous. Whilst I appreciate this is probably going to be the worst Winter since 1979, something has to be done about the state of the roads and pavements.

There is no table salt left in Tesco's at Comiston and I used the last of my salt today whilst attempting to 'make safe' the three steps at our back door.

The kids go back to school tomorrow and if the Met Office are correct, we are going to be hit with even more snow!!

Councillor Aldridge has stated tonight that they are "working round the clock to clear roads AND footpaths........"! Can you tell him personally from me that in my honest opinion he speaks a lot of "tosh"! No where can I see footpaths clear and the roads are really not that great either!

Oh and Happy New Year Andrew!


Anonymous said...

Andrew - Nice to see you noticed this on what was probably your first day back - meanwhile everyone else has been slogging away 24/7 to sort the problem as best they can.

Suzy - If you appreciate that it's been the worst winter since 1979 why didn't you help by digging your streets or by clearing your pavements? It's snowed every day and there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of roads in Edinburgh. How do you expect these guys to do it all?

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - you could very well have a point :-(


Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - sadly, I absolutely agree with your sentiments ... I've got several streets in my own Ward that have had empty grit bins for days now (despite requests for them to be filled) and it doesn't exactly encourage residents to assist if they have no salt to spread on local pavements.

I'm told tonight that bins should be filled tomorrow, after a promised delivery of salt to the city?

And yes --- Happy New Year :-)


Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - but please ... I've been in the city for the whole holiday period, with the exception of 23rd-28th December, so its simply wrong to falsely assert that its 'my first day back' :-(

A blogging break does not equate to a complete work break - as my entry on 22nd December attempted to indicate?

Anyhow, thanks for checking out the blog, and I'm sure Suzy will help clear her local pavements effectively once she gets that promised salt tomorrow??


Suzy said...

Hey Andrew

I shall wait with baited breath for the 'promised' delivery of salt.


With all due respect, you failed to read my comment correctly. I would and have tried to help clear the pavements but the fact that there is no salt to put down coupled with temperatures way below freezing, makes it virtually impossible.

The fact of the matter is that we [Edinburgh] should have been better prepared and I actually agree with David McLetchie's comments (first time for everything!!!) that it is time for people on community service to actually get out and start doing some good, decent work for their community such as helping clear the streets!

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Suzy - We should be, although watch McLetchie - he'cut the lot!

Either we get stuck in or the city buys a massive multi-million pound convoy of gritters, and employs 100 trained workmen with shiny new uniforms and a spring in their step to be put into action for the next prolonged cold snap in 5 years.

Andrew - once you start a blog you can't stop - you're trapped! Even if you're working your socks off, people could think you've got your feet up if you stop updating. ; )

I'll keep checking in anyway.

Andrew said...


Only thing I feel trapped by at the moment is the bloody snow :-(

Do keep checking the blog please!