Friday, January 08, 2010

Boiler scrappage scheme?

No - this post is not going to be about the local SNP/Lib-Dems needlessly getting rid of biomass boilers in Edinburgh schools :-(

... it's about that rather attractive 'boiler scrappage scheme' announced as part of last December's Pre-Budget Report!

Regular blog readers will know that I've been keen, for ages, to renew our very old (and almost certainly, wholly inefficient) gas boiler --- well, imagine my dismay to discover the scheme doesn't operate in Scotland, as its up to the devolved Parliament to decide how to use the monies allocated to the scheme?

I've yet to track down just why the SNP Administration at Holyrood are refusing to operate this scheme in the coldest part of the UK, but if anyone out there knows what on earth they're doing refusing to implement such a no-brainer I'd love to hear from you :-((


Ray Merrall said...

Ah Weel, what with all the cheap, or next to free power frae they windiemills or wave machinies whit need we with gas?
Mind ye back in the '50s they said the same aboot they nuclear poower stations.
Weel, Wee Eckie will hae his self love to keep him warm.

Robert Craig said...

No suprise here only our own government is doing exactly what Scotland was tryng to avoid by achieving devolution.

Poll tax ran in scotland before being revamped for England.

And now England gets and Scotland doesn't cause its a benefit. Im sick of this flamming country and its double standards.

Not least when a government is set up to remove this as an issue. Its ever more prevelant.


Ted Harvey said...

In trying to find out about this scheme, I found the Scottish website end of Energy Trust UK (who are running the scrappage scheme for the 'UK' Government)is really a rather poor and Anglo-centric piece of work.

In the end I resorted to just phoning them - to be, of course, advised that the scheme does not apply in Scotland. Fair enough, so far as it goes, but I was further advised that "it does not apply in Scotland because of devolution"; which is a creative interpretation of the facts to say the least.

A more objective soul might assert that it does not work in Scotland because the UK Chancellor has decreed it so.

It's a populist vote-wining stunt that will appeal to the better-off middle England voter, rather than aid the worse off people stuck in fuel poverty - or would the UK Chancellor like to give the Scottish Government additional cash for it to work in Scotland?

Andrew said...

Thanks for the various commments on this issue ... all points noted, if not entirely agreed with!