Friday, November 27, 2009

Higher than inflation revenue settlement - confirmed!

Interesting take on the Scottish Government funding settlement in today's local paper ... strip away the headline and front-page picture, and you eventually get confirmation that revenue funding is going up by an inflation-busting 1.76%.

Yes, more revenue funding in real-terms than last year.

And okay - capital funding is down ... but that is primarily because of the 'capital acceleration' into last year's budget. You know, the 'capital acceleration' that the Scottish Government wanted, and then used to concoct a mythical reduction in the overall block grant applied to Scotland.

And, as I've indicated before, I'd be willing to take a bet that when the Pre-Budget Report is published on the 9th December (in a couple of weeks) that 'capital acceleration' will be forthcoming again for this year ... despite the puerile way the Nats have used it politically this year.

So - revenue up; and final capital settlement still to be decided.

Who would have thought it.

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